Beautiful Chaos

Welcome to Beautiful Chaos, home of the art and craft work of Emily Vincent.

I am Mother and Artist.
All my work is one of a kind.

I have been making things all my life. I remember many happy childhood hours spent drawing and cutting out
paper dolls, and sculpting tiny modelling clay people. As I grew older my fascination with creating people
spilled over into short story writting and clay. Through my late teens and early twenties I travelled New Zealand
learning the myriad of craft and art skills that led to my current work.

The first soft sculpture dolls I made were christmas presents for friends, which led to orders from their
friends which led to the creation of Mother Wit Handmade Dolls. It wasnt long before my dolls were in small
galleries around New Zealand and, from there, traveling the world, taking a small piece of the beautiful rainforest
with them. I have taught classes on making my wild haired Bush Faeries. In these dolls I found an outlet for
expressing my love of the natural world and my sense of the unseen mystical.

With my paintings and sculptural pieces I explore deeper concepts, my sense of connection to Source and the
relationship between the physical and spiritual aspects of self.

I have always had an individual sense of style and have made my own clothing. People started asking me to make
garments for them, which inspired me to upskill and learn more traditional sewing skills. More and more people
ordered custom made clothing and Beautiful Chaos was born.

Favourite tool ~ My two vintage Bernina sewing machines: Domestic 520 for dolls and free syle machine
embroidery and Industrie for construction work.

Favourite material ~ Solvy disolvable fabric, textile inks and dyes.

Favourite technique ~ Free machine embroidery.

Favourite thing about being an artist ~ When I see someone respond from the heart to one of my pieces.

Key Words ~ Heart, sacredness, gratitude, grace, nurture, depth, simplicity, courage, expression,
hope, connection, peace, faith.